What you should know before giving your pet CBD

What you should know before giving your pet CBD

CBD helps people with a variety of health needs.  These things range from pain management to anxiety or mental health. But, did you know that it can also help your pet?  Yep, people use CBD to assist their pet with various health conditions such as anxiety, seizures, arthritis, and pain.  In 2018 the Food and Drug administration legalized CBD.  This means that people can now use it freely and benefit from the effects.  Our systems are similar to dog's in that we have cannabinoid receptors in our bodies.  Because of this, it is believed that both dogs and owners can benefit from CBD.

If you have a very nervous or anxious dog, CBD might be a good solution.  It helps with pets that are chewing up things, barking uncontrollably, or peeing all over the house when they know better.  These are signs that your pet is anxious.  While you might try some basic tricks such as giving them more exercise, some pets have separation anxiety.  Basically, they panic when you leave and feel you will never return.  These pets often find themselves in shelters as the owners don't know exactly what to do for them.  But, there is hope.

How CBD works

CBD is derived from a cannabis plant or hemp plant.  Its properties are non-psychoactive so you won't get that "high" that you get with tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).  It was discovered in the 1940s.  While we have many studies on humans that show this is a very effective treatment for many different types of conditions.  There is little found on dogs.  It works, however, with the central nervous system, which dogs and humans share very similar systems.   Our systems contain cannabinoid receptors that will bind with the CBD to create homeostasis in the body, or balance.

If you are thinking about using CBD for your dog or other pets, of course, you should consult your vet first.  However, there are things that you should look for when you are looking to purchase CBD for yourself.

The first thing you want to look for is a COA on the label.  This stands for The Certificate of Analysis.  If you don't find it, you should move on.  During this check, they will test for pesticides, heavy metals, and microbes.  All of which will make your pet sick. This goes for CBD that you would take as well.  There is no reason that a manufacturer shouldn't proudly display this either on their website or on the product label.  

Be sure that you choose a CBD with no THC

CBD is a component of the cannabis plant.  CBD will not get your pet "high" that's what THC does.  However, the legal limit is 0.3 percent.  Any amount of THC could harm your pet, so you should seek out those that are 100% THC-free.  While CBD oil is good for your pet, hemp oil is not.  Hemp oil is the oil from the Hemp plant that doesn't have CBD or THC in it.  This is simply oil with no real health benefits.  You want a broad spectrum CBD oil.  After all, we want the best when it comes to our furry friends and this is the best oil to use.  

You should, of course, speak to your vet about this.  But, there has been plenty of research to prove that CBD oil is not only safe for pets but effective.  The dose should be run through your vet, but they determined it as 2mg/kg for dogs as an example.  

CBD Oil for Dogs

There are three distinct health conditions that can be treated in pets with CBD.  These are pain, seizures, and anxiety.  It was found, actually, that pets that suffer from cancer, inflammatory, fibromyalgia, migraine, and neuropathic disorders found relief with the help of CBD.  In fact, in one study it was compared to that of opiates, which is a growing problem in the US today.  However, CBD is not addictive.

Anxiety is something that many people and pets suffer from.  There are many reasons behind anxiety, however, pets cannot tell you what those reasons are. This can make it difficult to train the pet not to be so anxious.  Some pets are just naturally anxious and high-strung.  While a high-strung pet might get some relief from walking or jogging.  Also taking them to doggie daycare once a week where they can play with friends can help.  However, some need medical help, just like people.  They are anxious people are going to leave them or they have anxiety due to storms, whatever the reason, CBD has been found to be a good option for pets with anxiety. 

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