Vet Recommended Flea Treatment for Dogs

Vet Recommended Flea Treatment for Dogs

Fleas are quite annoying and a potential threat to a pet’s health. Fleas aren’t seasonal pests, as they can attack your dog anytime. The easiest way to tell when a dog is infested by fleas is by looking for weird behaviors such as consistent scratching or biting of body parts. Fleas have painful bites known to transmit typhus and dog scratch disease. Are your dogs infested by fleas and you’re looking for the best vet recommended flea treatment for dogs? Read on to learn more.

Vet Recommended Flea Treatment for Dogs

There are dozens of flea medications for dogs readily available for purchase. They span from over-the-counter meds, collars, prescription medications, and shampoos. There are also medications suitable for controlling and treating homes for fleas.

Oral Medications

Widely used by most homeowners, flea pills are quite effective and reliable. Once ingested, oral meds distribute a systemic insecticide into the dog’s bloodstream. After a flea tastes the systemic insecticide-infested blood, they will die instantly. In short, the medication infects the dog’s blood such that when a flea drinks and introduces the blood to its system; it gets killed instantly. Oral medications come either as prescription or over-the-counter drugs.

We wouldn’t recommend over-the-counter medication as they are not very potent. They usually lose their potency after several hours. If you, however, settle for these medications, be ready to give your dog a dose every so often until all the fleas are dead.

We highly recommended prescription-only oral flea meds for dogs as they offer longer shields of protection and guarantee better results. These meds are rated for dogs with different weights, so confirm with your vet before purchasing.

Flea Collars

Flea collars also do a wonderful job in killing and repelling fleas. Collars are safe and don’t cause any harm to dogs. You’ve to understand that proper care is mandatory for the collars to work effectively. A collar used by one dog shouldn’t be given to another dog. Also, if your dog is showing hyperactivity behavior that’s making it slide out of the collar, you shouldn’t consider this treatment. Flea collars are quite poisonous and if your dog chews and ingests a part of the collar, it could experience serious health problems.

Topical Medications

When your dog is infested by fleas, you can also try topical meds. Topical meds are characterized by liquid insecticides, including pyriproxyfen and permethrin usually applied to a dog’s skin. The meds should be applied at the dog’s neck backside or shoulder blades. The medication could be poisonous if ingested, and that’s why it’s applied in places where the dog can’t lick. Once the medicine is applied in any of these places, it spreads to other parts of the body. Once a flea bites the dog and ingests the contents of the med, it dies instantly.

Oral medications are sold both as over-the-counter and prescription-only meds. The strength and efficiency of the topical meds vary. In giving a dog any of these medications, you’ve to check its health, weight, and age. The strength of the med determines how long it will protect the dog from fleas. More powerful topical medications can protect your four-legged canine friend for several months, while less effective meds would go for some days. Topical meds for protecting dogs against fleas have the power to penetrate the dog’s skin surface. Therefore, the content won’t be washed off in case the dog gets rained or washed.


We have sprays specially designed for protecting dogs against fleas. These sprays contain powerful insecticides that kill fleas immediately they come into contact. Other sprays leave a potent residue that kills fleas after hatching. Wrong use of sprays could be dangerous. Don’t try applying dog sprays on pup upholstery or carpets as that could be perilous.


Shampoos made for protecting dogs against fleas mostly contain pyrethrum, a potent ingredient known for its excellent flea-killing properties. This ingredient also makes a dog’s coat unbearable for fleas to stay. There are dozens of different flea shampoo brands, which feature different ingredients and are suitable for dogs of different ages. Research the shampoos and consult your vet for help before purchasing to settle for the best quality products suited for your dog breed.

Dog Flea Removal Powders

Dog flea removal powders are specially designed to help dog owners control fleas within the home environment. These powders contain an extensive collection of natural and chemical insecticides. These powders are supposed to be sprinkled on upholstery and carpets. They should be brushed in and allowed to sit for some hours before the vacuuming exercise is conducted.

Fleas are quite fertile and productive. They lay lots of eggs per day, which are hatched within 12 days. By getting carpets and upholstery treated with these powders on a regular basis, you can control the flea population in your home.

How to Tell If My Dog Is Infested By Fleas?

If you suspect your dog is suffering the humiliation and annoyance associated with fleas, check out for the below signs:

  • Frequent scratching from itchiness and irritation
  • Brown or red specks on the dog’s body
  • Red hindquarters, neck, and belly skin

If you don’t see any of these signs, you will have to do the following to tell if your dog is infested by fleas:

  • Gently comb the dog’s hair, starting from back to front. That would give you a clear view of the dog’s skin for you to check for any of the above signs.
  • Spend some time watching the dog’s activities. If you detect aggressive scratching, check the dog for fleas.

Conclusion: Vet Recommended Flea Treatment for Dogs

Fleas are a big disturbance in the life of humans and pets alike. Flea infestation could disturb the life of your four-legged canine friend, making them unable to relax. If you suspect that your home is infested by fleas and your dogs are the prime target, try each of the above vet recommended flea treatment for dogs. In case these treatments fail, you need to hire the services of a highly qualified pest removal company to help you eradicate fleas more efficiently.

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