The best new tech for dog owners in 2021

The best new tech for dog owners in 2021

Technology isn't only for humans but it has gone to the dogs!  While we are living in a world of high-tech applications we are also using this same sort of technology to improve our dog products. New tech for dog owners might not mean exactly a new dog Ipad but it could mean something like odor control or maybe a better litter.  There are many ways that you can find tech for dog owners in some of our various products.  Let's take a look at see what we might find as some tech for dog owners.

Sentry Calming Collar

Sentry calming collar uses pheromone technology to help keep your dog more calm.  There are many reasons that a dog is nervous or anxious.  Sometimes we don't even know or understand those reasons.  Each collar will last up to 30 days. If you have a pup that is nervous, chewing, or barking obsessively, you should try out the Sentry Calming Collar and see if it helps.  This new tech for dog owners comes in the form of pheromone technology.  This is also available for cats.

Along this same line, we also offer a calming diffuser for cats.  This also utilizes the pheromone technology but is meant for cats.  Cats often times will hide in a certain location during fireworks or thunderstorms.  This is the area that you will want to put this diffuser.  It will help calm their nerves during these sorts of stressful times.  The pheromone that is used is mimicking what a mother cat uses to calm her kittens.  You could turn it on and off as needed to make it last a bit longer.  This is also available for dogs.  Refills are available for both dogs and cats as well.

Nature's Miracle Advanced Stain & Odor Remover

Everyone that has pets has pet odor in their homes.  While we do all we can to battle it, it is still there.  We offer some of the most advanced technology products to combat pet odor.  This solution will help eliminate those odors and clean up the pet stains.

When you are potty training your dog, and we have many products to help do that, you know there will be accidents.  Be sure that you are prepared to clean those up appropriately.  You should always blot and not rub the solution in.  Rubbing will grind in the pet stain and odor.

Even after your dog is house trained there are accidents and vomit.  This solution will also remove pet pheromones which can cause a dog to want to pee on a particular spot.  Marking their territory is a very common pet problem.   They do this by instinct. However, it can be a problem for you.  Getting a product that will clear those pheromones will help tremendously with this.

Hartz Chew N Clean Dental Duo

There are a few dog bone options on the site that have their own technology to help your dog keep their pearly whites. While dogs don't brush their own teeth, we have to do that for them.  But, many times they don't like it.  These chewy bones are a great alternative.  They are like a treat and a device that will help your dog's teeth get and remain cleaner.  These bones contain Dentasheild technology, this technology reduces tartar formation.  They taste and smell like Bacon and other popular flavors.  Your pup will love it and they don't know that it is good for their teeth too, so you will love it.  These are available in a variety of colors and designs.

Natures Miracle Intense Defense Clumping Litter

While this one is for our cat-loving friends, we thought it was worth a mention.  Many dog owners are cat owners as well.  Looking for less smelly litter boxes?  Well, aren't we all!  The litter box is always a smelly mess.  However, with the help of technology litter has even improved.  This improved technology will help with ammonia, feces, and urine smell that come from the litter box.  It is super absorbent too and will wick away the wetness so that it can lock in the odor.  This is a clumping litter as well, which allows you to scoop it out to keep it smelling its very best.

While new tech for dog owners isn't something super fancy such as a cell phone for dogs.  We think there are some pretty amazing products that use this new tech for dog owners to take their products to the next level.  We love to pamper our pets and it shows with all of the various pet products out there.  But, that's okay, they will happily accept.  If you are a dog owner and want to find products that will improve your life, Snuggle Nook might just be the place for you.




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