The Best Homemade Weight Gainer for Dogs

The Best Homemade Weight Gainer for Dogs

Skinny dogs with poked-out spines are rare to find. Yes, dogs are naturally overweight, provided they are well fed. Dogs get underweight when they are scared, stressed out, and anxious about new environments. Diseases, especially life-threatening ones, could make dogs lose weight. As a dog ages, it could as well lose a considerable amount of pounds. Looking for diets and products to help your underweight dog gain weight fast, check out a list of the best homemade weight gainer for dogs below.

List of Homemade Weight Gainer for Dogs

Dog foods with high fat and protein content

Dog parents who have raised puppies from scratch understand the health benefits associated with diets that contain high protein and fat content. Diets containing quality amounts of protein and larger contents of fat have always been pet parent’s favorite because they help small ones grow while helping the adult pets maintain their attractive body shapes.

If your dog, whether of old or medium age, has lost pounds over a certain period, give it diets high in proteins and fats. High fat and protein foods are known for their ability to activate the body’s ability to accommodate new calories and fats while reshaping the dog’s look and health. The higher the content of proteins and fats in the foods you give to your dog, the faster they will gain weight.

You don’t have to pay for costly protein-based supplements to help your dog gain weight. You can prepare foods with high meaty or legume content. Ensure each food given to your dog contains as many protein-rich ingredients and fats as possible. You can always change the ingredients of the foods you prepare to prevent the dog from experiencing stomach upsets. A perfect example of the protein-rich foods you can prepare at home for your skinny dog, includes boiled eggs, peanut butter, pureed meat, kibble mixed with cheese and macaroni, and egg tousled in butter.

Sweet potato and pumpkins

Pumpkins and sweet potatoes are another hearty meal you can prepare at home to help your dog gain weight fast. Your dog could have lost weight because of old age or poor diet, and since the cost of meat protein products is quite high, you want a cheaper alternative solution. One of the best diets you can always count on to help your underweight dog gain the lost pounds is the mixture of pumpkins and sweet potatoes.

These two are quite affordable and easy to prepare at home. Order sweet potatoes and canned pumpkin at the nearest grocery or local pet store. Each of these ingredients comes with strict instructions on how they should be prepared and under which conditions they should be stored. Read the instructions carefully and do as the experts have advised.

Kabo food

Kabo is another weight gainer for dogs you can prepare at home. If you’re a dog parent, I’m sure this isn’t your first time to hear of the word kabo. Freshly cooked kabo foods have proven to be great sources of nutrients for pets and humans alike. Kabo is a homemade diet comprising ingredients such as fish oil, beef, and carrots. These ingredients are proven to be safe and effective for helping dogs to gain some pounds when consistently consumed. Talk with your pet nutritionist to know where you can find the best ingredients to prepare a tasty kabo diet for your dog.

Dog-style chicken, rice, and vegetables

A complete diet comprises proteins, carbohydrates, and vitamins. This homemade meal perfect for lunch and supper would get your dog gaining lost pounds in weeks. The raw ingredients for this food include chicken breast, psyllium powder, peas, virgin olive oil, carrots, broccoli, and brown rice. The cooking process is simply easy and fun.

  • First, cook the brown rice. The guidelines on the packet would guide you on how much water to use and how long to cook the rice.
  • Get the peas, broccoli, and carrots, and steam them until they are tender.
  • Cook the chicken breast. You can oven bake it on a non-stick pan or cook it on a microwave.
  • Get the vegetables and chicken and cut them into small pieces
  • Mix your cooked rice with the cooked vegetables and chicken.
  • Now add virgin olive oil and psyllium powder to the mixture above.

Your food is now ready for serving. Give your dog enough of this meal and watch as it gains weight and becomes fatter.

Doggie-style beef stew and rice

Help your underweight dog gain lost pounds in weeks with this easy-to-prepare homemade weight gainer for dogs. It’s a safe and affordable weight gainer that serves as the best alternative to canned foods. This food type comprises fresh proteins and vitamins characterized by ingredients such as diced green beans, beef stew meat, diced carrot, potatoes, and vegetable oil.

  • Start by cooking the sweet potatoes. Cook the potatoes in a microwave for approximately 5 minutes minimum until they become tender. Keep the cooked potatoes aside.
  • Cut the raw beef meat into small pieces. Make it small enough so that it can be cooked in less time.
  • Put the beef pieces in a pan and put some vegetable oil. Cook the beef for approximately 10 minutes.
  • Now, remove the cooked beef out of the pan.
  • Cut the cooked sweet potatoes, too.
  • Get the drippings and cook them on low heat. As they cook, add water and flour while stirring.
  • Add green beans, meat, and sweet potatoes to the mixture and stir it gently.
  • Keep on cooking the mixture. Make sure the carrots are tender. It should take approximately ten minutes to cook properly.

Allow the cooked food to cool down before you serve it to your dog.

Conclusion: The Best Homemade Weight Gainer for Dogs

When searching for the best homemade weight gainer for dogs, don’t settle for less. The foods we just mentioned have a high, nutritious content. They contain high contents of fats and proteins. They are packaged solely to help your dog gain lost pounds in a matter of weeks, provided they are consumed as per the guidelines. The best thing with these weight gainer solutions for dogs is the low cost and high level of nutritional value, which ensures your underweight dog will recover sooner than expected.

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