Safe Toppings for Dog Food

Safe Toppings for Dog Food

Just like any dog owner across the globe, your little pup’s meals should come first when considering his/her basic requirements in terms of growth and development. Many dog parents have mastered the skill of dog feeding and they are quite enjoying it since they have it at their fingertips. Whether one is feeding his dog dry kibble, canned food or top commercial dog feeds, you can still improve your dog’s diet by adding the appropriate toppings and fresh foods to complete their diet. As we all know, all dog parents prefer real fresh food topping to supplements. Acquiring natural and safe toppings for dog food will put your little or adult hound will obviously put its nutrition at a better level.

Before adding safe toppings for dog food to your dog’s diet, make sure you consider decreasing the proportion of commercial foods in the meal; to limit the number of calories in your dog’s diet. Note that your dog might start rejecting a certain meal if it’s served in monotony. Try coming up with a meal plan and schedule different meals for different days of the week. You can add moisture to the dog’s meals; change the flavors or even the texture to kill the monotony.

Safe Toppings for Dog Food

Raw eggs

Dogs usually don’t have anything against eating raw eggs or their shells. Eggs come along with quality proteins and fats that are very useful to your dog’s nutrition. Feeding eggshells to your dog can add calcium content to the dog’s food. Eggs are a compounded source of various nutrients i.e. vitamin A, iron, selenium, fatty acids, riboflavin, folate, and vitamin B12. 

Avoid cooking the eggs to preserve maximum nutrients for your adorable beast.  You can use your coffee grinder to grind the eggshells before including them 9in the meal. However, avoid including the shells when feeding your dogs the eggs especially if you own large-breed puppies since shells compose higher levels of calcium than your dog requires.


The omega 3 nutrients, DHA, and EPA nutrients present in fish are very important in your dog’s diet since they enhance great skin and coat development. Since they regulate the level of inflammation, they boost your dog’s immunity against arthritis, allergies, and autoimmune infection. You can go for either canned sardines or dry packages depending on what you prefer offering your dog. 

Remember to use fish products that are packed in water instead of oil when feeding your dog. For larger dogs, you can proportionately buy bigger sardines and fish material e.g. pink salmon and jack mackerel. Give the sardines to your dogs as soon as you open them when the fatty acids still hold the freshness.

Fresh fruits and vegetables

It’s okay to feed your dogs a variety of fruits, salad, and even vegetables once in a while to balance and complete their diet. Dog owners are advised to buy fruits like berries, bananas, apples, melon, and even citrus for some dogs. Blueberries are highly recommended since they compose antioxidants that are good for your dog’s health. Avoid feeding your dog pits, raisins, and grapes since they can lead to kidney failure if consumed in high quantities. You would rather go for leafy vegetables than starchy eats such as potatoes and grains. Cooked vegetables are considered more nutritious but you can still offer fresh raw veggies such as zucchini slices and carrots as your dog’s low-calorie snacks.

Healthy left-overs

Many pet houses, companies, and Agro-vets discourage feeding your dogs with leftovers. However, there’s no problem when doing this as long as you watch the portions and hold on to healthy foods. On the right nutritional track, you can freely share your food with your lovely pup; you just have to be keen and watch out for any food substances that might compromise their current health status and physique. 

Therefore, avoid foods that might lead to rapid weight gain and little or no nutritional value. Yes, leftovers can be safe toppings for dog food any day as long as they are offered in recommended proportions. Don’t forget to limit the amount since high portions can introduce more calories to their meals.


Yogurt naturally contains probiotics which are very vital in your dog’s diet. A big proportion of dog owners across the sphere feed yogurt to their dogs since it’s quite cheap to acquire and easy to feed. Feed your dog low-fat yogurt to keep an eye on the issue of gaining weight. I’d advise you not to go for flavored yogurts because your dog won’t be in need of the extra sugar available in flavored yogurt varieties. The probiotics bacteria present in plain yogurt helps dogs with digestion problems. Low-fat plain yogurt has low calories thus favorable for even younger dogs. You can get them a spoonful or two without having to worry about observing the portions.


This is a highly recommended safe toppings for dog food for your dogs today. Some call it the ‘grain of life’ since Kefir holds various nutrients that are highly beneficial to your dog’s health. Just like yogurt, Kefir is obtained from cow milk but it can also be prepared from goat and sheep’s milk; just a little harder to find. It comes along with antifungal and anti-bacterial nutrients that will help your dog with allergies, IBD, and candidiasis. 

It also carried health-beneficial minerals and vitamins that may boost your dog’s immune system. You are recommended to buy Kefir to feed it along with the dry food meals; to neutralize the high carbohydrate levels in your dog’s meals. High levels of carbohydrates can be harmful to your dog since they boost the production of pathogenic yeast in your dog’s body.


Lastly, always remember that including these additives in your dog’s meals can increase your dog’s level of calories. Therefore, keep an eye on the proportions when feeding your dog safe toppings for dog food to ensure their weight is normal and standard. Now that you have everything that one requires sufficiently to feed their dog, selecting the best and most nutritious diets for your pups.

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