Pet Odor Eliminator Home Remedy

Pet Odor Eliminator Home Remedy

As pet parents, we’re all aware of the affection we hold for these adorable furry creatures that make them absolutely our family members. Taking care of these little beasts as they grow and develop from young stages can be a little challenging since they demand a lot of attention in their daily lives. In this blog post, I’m going to give you a few tips on taking care of your dog; and most importantly pet odor eliminator home remedy tips as well.

As a responsible dog parent, you should take all the responsibilities tied to your dog to offer it a comfortable life and great company as it does to you. You should make sure your dogs are cleaned, fed, and taken care of. With the company they bring, they might also come along with a few challenges like messing the place up and leaving fur all over. Moreover, they can make your furniture, mats, or rugs stinky if you don’t watch them keenly or during accidents. Remember that even the most disciplined pets are prone to accidents. Favorably, it only takes a little effort and a few domestic items to make your home space neat again and smelling even better. You’re advised to go for homemade solutions and remedies since they can be less toxic and easy to prepare, unlike commercial remedies which are the contrary.

Pet Odor Eliminator Home Remedy Tips

Being a globally-faced challenge in all homesteads that own a dog, I’m going to show you how you can easily get rid of your dog’s smell. Below are a number of pet odor eliminator home remedy tips and items that will help you tackle dog-odor related challenges:

Regular baths for your dogs

This is one key factor every dog owner should consider when maintaining your dog’s sanity and its surrounding environment. Some dogs might be repellent to baths but that should not bother you at all. Regardless of your dog’s response and reaction to bathing time; all dog owners should prioritize baths by creating regular bath schedules to make them used to the process. Even after giving them a thorough bath, make sure you set reminders to keep the schedule going. Dog baths are a major factor in eliminating dog-related odor.

Use baking soda

Baking soda is a vital element every dog owner should consider having for odor-removal purposes since it can be used to neutralize the smell. Sodium bicarbonate is a weak base, neutralizes various acids which can be sources of stench in a certain space including dog-related ones. Unlike other air fresheners and topical fragrances, baking soda gets rid of odor from acid instead of masking them. 

This leaves you a clean and neat surface for your dog and other family members as well. First, sprinkle sodium bicarbonate on the couch, mats, rugs, and any other affected surfaces where your pet tends to spend most of his/her time. Conclude by vacuuming the surfaces to clear the basic odors away.

Hydrogen peroxide

This powerful oxidizer is used to make all concentrated pet-related acid fluids dormant. It can be used to clean surfaces that have dog urine and vomit as well.  H2O2 removes all urine stains from surfaces by breaking down urine compounds as soon as it’s applied to the stained surface.

Using pat towels and toilet paper; soak up the urine or liquid from the surface before applying baking soda to do the acid eradication. Scrub the surface gently while adding the solution, leave it idle for around 10-15 minutes before applying baking soda; then let it dry up. Vacuum the space to finish up the work and make the place sparkling clean again.

Vacuum cleaning fur/dog hair

This is a very useful tip of pet odor eliminator home remedy for pet owners with fluffy dogs and even cats as well. For pet parents whose dogs shed fur, it’s always a big challenge since they need to clean up the place to get rid of the hair. Apart from vacuuming your floor, you should also look-see couches; cushions, and furniture at large to get each and every hiding dander that might have dropped off your little fluffy cutie. 

Check everywhere behind and under your furniture; not forgetting your pet’s hang out and chilling spots. Even if one’s dog doesn’t shed off fur, they should at least not skip the step since fur can come off your dog over time and accumulate.


Vinegar comes in to help if you’re facing serious dog-related odors that can be more challenging to get rid of. Dilute vinegar with water then fill the resultant solution into a spraying bottle. Spray the solution on the affected surfaces i.e. carpets, mats, rugs, and the floor as well. To make the process even more effective, you can bring in hydrogen peroxide and baking soda as well and use the combination to make the space neat and fragrant in a span of time. Here’s how you can create an effective deodorant spray to clean the smelly spots:

  • Two cups of slightly warm water
  • Two cups of vinegar (distilled)
  • Four tablespoons of sodium bicarbonate (baking soda)
Dog bowls, leashes and collars

Clean your dog’s bowls, toys, leashes, and collars

When cleaning up our pets and habitats, we should remember their surroundings and personal items as well. Many dog owners are always keen about their pet’s cleaning and bath schedules but tend to leave these items out. Remember to thoroughly wash your dog’s leash, collar, bowl, and even toys since they can hold bacteria and odor which will end up bringing stench to the surrounding space.

Avoid using households that might hold toxic content whenever you’re considering pet odor eliminator home remedy options. 

You’d rather use vinegar, olive oil, or even lemon juice to clean the space. This is because toxic cleaning detergents can be harmful to your dog if they happen to lick them or come to contact with them. Save your money and select natural households that won’t endanger your dog’s life in any way.

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