How to Make Homemade Dog Toys

How to Make Homemade Dog Toys

Nowadays, penthouses and toy shops seem to be overflowing with dog toys just like children and kids’ toys. Many people have come up with numerous dog inventions and managed to sell them to other dog parents. With the number of dogs – toy companies rising day after day, the prices of these toys have been sky-stricken as well due to the increased levels of competition between different toy-selling companies and individuals. In this blog, I’m going to teach you how to make homemade dog toys. 

These smart creatures need to play to sharpen their reflexes and entertain themselves as well. During the covid-19 period, many dog parents have been stuck indoors with their dogs due to the quarantine and lockdown measures implemented by the government. 

Therefore, we all need to save our dogs from the cumbersome boredom floating in our home spaces since we all have to be inside after all. After visiting the pet toy stores, I believe you’ve noticed that these toys go for a whooping cost that some parents won’t be able to keep up with. You can come up with your own inventions using some household items; to build a couple of dogs for your toy to keep him on toes. 

Providing your dog with this intellectual workout can help them eliminate surplus energy, stay disciplined, and most importantly to entertain them. 

Playing with toys helps them stay active since they get to challenge their brains. One can purchase a puzzle toy from the market but many dog owners prefer making them on their own due to the big price tags in the shops and stores. 

How to Make Homemade Dog Toys

Hereby, we are going to look-see how to make homemade dog toys to keep your dog’s brain at work whenever you have to stay inside. 

Sock and ball

Making this dog-toy is quite simple. All you need is a single sock and a tennis ball as well. Put the ball down into the sock to the bottom then clinch a knot right above the inserted ball. This is most probably the simplest, handiest, and cheapest DIY dog toy that you can easily make. 

Plastic bottle and sock

As a dog parent, you can clearly tell how these little beasts go crazy over crunchy stuff. Learning how to make homemade dog toys, especially chewing ones, will bring your dog or pup closer to you since they enjoy chewing throughout their lifespans. To win their hearts, you can make them a ‘plastic bottle and sock’ toy to take away their boredom. 

Remember to watch and observe your dog when they are playing with chewing toys to make sure their safety is prioritized; since some dogs can be very tough chewers. Making this toy is pretty simple; get a plastic bottle and a sock or any fabric clothing of your choice. Wrap the fabric around the bottle and make sure it’s firmly attached to prevent it from coming apart.

Vacant cereal box

Collect your used and empty cereal boxes around the house since they aren’t useless yet. You will require one vacant cereal box and some goodies to blow your dog’s mind. Put some dog treats in the cereal box then seal it up using seal tape. Try creating small holes on the box and spreading some peanut butter on the inside walls of the box. 

They will always try getting their tongue to lick the butter while struggling to get the treats as well. This might end up all-messy since your dog might tear the cardboard apart. Therefore, consider offering them a space that will be easier to clean. 

Knotted rope ball

You are going to need a long fabric strip (rope) and nothing else. Start with a knot at the center of the fabric then repeat the approach on the created knot by tying around it and repeat until you get the desired size. The length of the fabric rope will dictate the size of the knot you’re going to build. 

After achieving the required size, cut the remaining ends to prevent the knot from shredding apart to keep your dog a busy and lengthy chewing time. Here is a golden tip for your knotted ball toy- dip the knot in chicken or beef stock and place it in the freezer. What a yummy treat for your guy!

Treat tennis ball

This toy is super easy to create since you wouldn’t require a lot of mechanisms. All you need to have at hand is a tennis ball and some of your dog’s favorite treats. Cut the tennis ball open on one side and fill it with the dog goodies then roll it to your dog or puppy. They will enjoy playing with the ball while struggling to get the treats out. This will keep your dog active and entertain him/her as well.

DIY tease pole

Many dogs love chasing and going after things since it’s always an involved activity and it makes them explore their potential capabilities. Therefore, every dog parent is recommended to create a flirt pole to play with their dogs; trust me they will love it. You need to get a pipe or any long stick in the compound to use as a rod. 

Second, you’’ have to get a thread or rope to attach a bait or ‘prey’ to the stick. You can use a stuffed toy or an empty plastic bottle as the prey. It should be a reasonable distance away from you i.e. around three to five feet. Make sure the thread is firmly attached to the pipe or stick to avoid coming off. 

After tying the prey to the end of the line, you can now have a 5-minute play with your cat. That will be enough physical exercise for your little ones.

Now that you’ve mastered a few techniques on how to make homemade dog toys for your dog; you can make your pup’s playtime amazing by making her a bunch of some. Spare some minutes for your adorable creature and construct a few toys from the guidelines in the text above. 

Beware that playing with your dog will prevent them from getting stress due to boredom, and it will most probably sharpen their reflexes and improve their physical fitness.

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