How to Make Cat Shelves

How to Make Cat Shelves

Cats have a natural instinct for climbing and getting on high places. Cat shelves make it easy for your cat to climb on a high perch and rest there. Cat shelves are more than just a resting place for your cat; they are a symbol of your love for your furry friend.

If you are thinking of making cat shelves, we encourage you to read on. In this post, we are going to discuss how to make cat shelves.

Choosing a Location

If you have decided to make cat shelves, you have probably already chosen a location. However, if you have not done so yet, here are a few things to consider:

  1. Select a Safe Place

It is very important to choose a safe location for setting up your cat shelves. On these shelves, your cat will run, jump and sleep. That is why these shelves have to be away from gatherings. Select a location away from beds, couches, cabinets, and televisions.

  1. Choose a Spot Your Cat Loves

Before you learn the details of how to make cat shelves, choose a perfect area for setting up the shelves. There are some areas in your home where your cat loves spending time in. Choose one of these areas. Do not choose an area your cat does not love or visit. Set up the shelves in an easily accessible spot.

  1. Consider the Height

Most cats can jump high and climb. But if your cat has mobility issues, or is overweight, consider placing the shelves lower.

Even if your cat can climb high vertically, it is good to spread out the shelves horizontally. If there are several shelves to play on, your cat will love that.

Make sure some shelves are placed closer together. Below the large high shelf, place some shorter shelves on which your cat can step upon.

  1. Determine the Exact Spots Where You Are Going to Put the Shelves

On the wall, draw out some lines where you are going to put the cat shelves. You can put them in any design. Just determine the exact distance between the shelves.

Do all these ahead of time. Make sure everything is planned so that you do not have to regret it once you have put up the shelves.

Selecting Shelves

  1. Select Shelves of Various Sizes

Your cat will like shelves of different sizes. Choose some wide boards and some long ones. Ready-made cat shelves come in many different sizes. Some are round while others are odd. Over the doors, put some long shelves. Under a wide shelf set up some short ones.

  1. Choose a Design

Before you learn how to make cat shelves, choose a design. Cat shelves can be set in many different ways. Consider setting them up like a staircase. Make sure each shelf is not too far from the other.

Or you can set up the shelves in a zigzag pattern. As the shelves go up, switch directions to add some variety.

  1. Put a Covering on Your Cat Shelves

You can either paint the shelves or cover them on a carpet. There is an advantage of painting the shelves. This way, the shelves will match the existing décor of the room. On the other hand, your cat will get traction on the shelves if they are covered in carpet. Most cats love scratching on the carpet.

  1. Buy Ready-made Shelves

Ready-made cat shelves are available on the market. You can buy them and simply place them in your home. You can visit an online retailer or nearby pet store. These cat shelves have mounting hardware, and therefore they are a bit more convenient.

While most cat shelves are cheap, some can be expensive. A high-quality cat shelf can be worth a hundred dollars or more. So, if budget is an issue for you, the DIY route is a better option for you.

  1. Make Your Cat Shelves

If you take the DIY route, make several cat shelves of different sizes. The process is pretty straightforward. Make two shelves: a 24 inch and an 18 inch. A shelf intended for books and knickknacks can also be used as a cat shelf. You can simply use some of those boards as cat shelves.

Setting Up Your Cat Shelves

  1. Cover the Shelves with the Carpet

First, cut the carpet pieces to fit the shelf. Then attach the carpet. To do that, you can use nails. You can also get the job done with a staple gun.

Do not buy rolls of carpet. Rather, buy carpet squares. Visit a home improvement shop and you may find some carpet scraps.

  1. Attach Brackets to the Board

If you are wondering how to make cat shelves, here is something to know. Attaching brackets is probably the most technical part of the project. You will need some brackets to keep the cat shelves attached to the wall.

For this, metal brackets can be very useful. You can attach the brackets pretty easily because they usually come with screws. Put the longer side on the wall, and attach the short side to the board.

  1. Use the Right Wall Anchors

The wall anchors you use to attach the shelves have to be appropriate. Make sure the weight limitation of the anchors is enough to keep the shelves on the wall. Rather than buying anchors that hold just 10 pounds, buy the ones that can hold 50 pounds.

  1. Before You Mount the Shelf, Use a Level

Align the shelves and brackets where you want them to be aligned. To make sure that the cat shelf is straight, use the level. Mark the spots on the wall where you are going to drill the screws. Attaching the brackets becomes a lot easier if someone helps you do that.

  1. Mount the Shelf

Once you have determined where you are going to set up the shelf, mount the shelf and then attach the brackets. To attach the brackets with screws and anchors, use a drill.

Final Thoughts: How to Make Cat Shelves

Making cat shelves is one of the best things you can do for your furry friend. Your cat will enjoy jumping and sleeping on the shelves. And these shelves are not just for your cat; they can be a valuable addition to your interior decoration. We hope now you are better prepared for making cat shelves.

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