How to Make a Potty Training Bell for Dogs

How to Make a Potty Training Bell for Dogs

Potty bells have become a popular trend in modern homes. Cleaning dog’s mess is a problem most pet parents have to deal with every day. The perfect way to minimize this hassle is by potty training the dog. Potty training bells help your four-legged furry friends to master the art of relieving themselves outside or on pee pads.

Dogs are naturally curious animals. They can learn basic and complex stuff with ease if trained consistently. Most pet parents would tell you that Potty training bells for dogs are quite costly. The high cost shouldn’t prevent you from potty training your four-legged furry baby, though. In our today’s post, we will address the DIY specifics on how to make a potty training bell for dogs.

How to Make a Potty Training Bell for Dogs - What Do Potty Training Bells Do?

Through potty training bells, dogs get to notify you when they want to ease themselves. These bells up the dog’s game on matters of easing themselves and good manners. They get the dogs to be well-mannered, reducing careless excretion. There are lots of potty training bells offered at prices unique to the buyers’ preferences. If you don’t have the finances to pay for a brand new potty training bell, you can build your own from scratch.

Creating Potty Training Bells from Scratch: Tips and Guidelines

In creating your potty training bells for dogs, here are the basic requirements:

  • One inch ribbon
  • Thread in the same color as the ribbon
  • Three D-rings
  • Sewing machine
  • Pliers {two pairs}

Measure the ribbon

The length of the ribbon depends on your dog breed’s height. If you’ve taller dogs, measure a ribbon size that accommodates their height needs. For those with shorter dog breeds, ensure the ribbon size will be enough to hang low enough for the dog to comfortably reach it. You’ve to cut the ribbon length such that when the bell is complete, the middle bell lies adjacent to the nose of your dog.

The measuring should start from the doorknob’s top end to the lowest part where you want the bell to sit. Once you’ve got the right length, add approximately three inches for the looping of the doorknob and three inches to accommodate the D-ring pockets. Do a fray check on the ribbon ends to avoid the ribbon losing its fabrics.

Tie the bells to the D-Rings

Now that you have the ribbon ready, the next step would be to tie the D-rings to the bells. Pry the D-rings such that the bells can easily slide on the bells. The simple best way to do this is to old both sides with pliers and then open them by pulling. The opening should be small and large enough to accommodate the sliding jingle bells.

Lace a maximum of 3 bells for each D-ring. Once done, pull close the backup of the D-ring. You don’t have to place the ends back up in line as it will be taken care of by the ribbon. You’ve to repeat this process for each of the D-rings.

Attach the ribbon and D-Ring together

The next step is to connect the D-ring with the ribbon. The simplest and most effective way to do this is to start the sewing from the ribbon bottom end. To do this, create a loop that goes through the D-ring and then sew the closed end. Go to the other ribbon side and put the D-ring on. You’ve to stop it a few inches to the initial bells set. Now, crease the ribbon just below the D-ring up to create a loop where the D-ring will hang on. At this stage, you should then crease up the ribbon’s bottom section back to itself before you sew all three layers together. You should do the same for the third bell set.

Sewing the loop of the door knob

Take the ribbon to your doorknob and carefully check the length. You should loop the extra ribbon end around your doorknob, ensuring you carefully adjust it such that the bells sit at the most preferred length. Now, securely sew the ribbon.

How To Make a Potty Training Bell for Dogs to Be Properly Used

The homemade potty bell is virtually the same as the one you bought ready-made. The only difference is you created the homemade bell yourself. Created the bell but not sure how to use it, here are things to observe:

Don’t make noise: Dogs hate extremely noisy environments. Yes, even noisy bells could scare bold dogs. Create a potty training bell that generates an impressive sound that can be heard clearly through the house. You don’t want to scare the dog away, so if the sound is so high, you can use a towel to dampen it. Additionally, keep the environment around the dog free of noise excesses.

Don’t be too over ambitious: Dogs take time to master the potty training art. Different dog breeds will take varying periods. Some will learn in a matter of weeks while others could take months. How often you train the dog would determine how best and quickly they learn the art. For the best results, you should repeat the training as regularly as possible.

Reward your dog. Just like humans, dogs enjoy being appreciated for every successful milestone they make in a project. Potty training your dog is one of the trickiest projects that requires real determination and total concentration from your dog. Appreciating them for every successful move along the way would motivate them and get them to master the art really fast.

Conclusion: How to Make a Potty Training Bell for Dogs

Any dog parent can easily make their DIY potty training bells for dogs. It’s just a matter of having the right supplies and following the instructions we outlined above. Make sure to be extra careful during each of these steps if you want to create an efficient potty training bell that would serve you for years. Make the measurements accurate and ensure the sewing and looping are done correctly. If you are stuck along the way, you can seek help from someone more skilled.

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