How to Care for Dogs Eyes

How to Care for Dogs Eyes

Just like humans, dog eyes get problems from now and then. Dog eyes can dry, get itchy, dust might get into them, or serious illness like glaucoma. As a pet owner, it is therefore important to check and take care of your dog's eyes. In this article, we shall guide you on how to care for dogs eyes.  

How to Care for Dogs Eyes - Early Signs

As a dog owner, you do not need to know how to prescribe and treat. All you need is to identify abnormalities in your dog's eyes and call in a specialist. The earlier you identify an issue, the easier the treatment. It is therefore important to know the warning signs and act fast. Check for the following signs in your dog. 

  • Eye tearing  
  • Turning red of the eye 
  • Abnormally frequent blinks 
  • Signs of affected vision such as walking into objects 
  • A green or yellow discharge from the eyes 
  • Sensitivity to light 
  • Cloudiness 

Conduct a routine check of your dog to look out for the above symptoms. Your dog's eyes lining should be pink when the eyes are healthy. Once you realize any of the symptoms, call a veterinarian and let them do professional assessment and treatment. You should not consider treating your dog by yourself at any cost. 

Places where dogs get eye problems 

Everything has a cause, be it a city or farm dog, there are practices that cause eye issues. One of those practices is letting your dog stock the head out when in the vehicles. When your dog sticks the head out, it increases the chances for eye injury or infection. Therefore, ensure your dog's head is in the vehicle as much as it might be enjoying sticking the head out. 

Farm and forest dogs are easy to get foreign stuff stuck around their eyes. This is because of the environment they live in, as they are prone to eye scratches and injuries. Dogs with short noses have eyes that bulge out slightly and are therefore susceptible to injury. 

How to Care for Dogs Eyes 

To avoid infection and injury, it is important to take care of your dog’s eyes. Here are some tips to get you to do it the right way. 

Trim hairs around the eyes of your dog 

Dog eyes might suffer from scratches caused by the hairs hanging around the eyes. It is advisable that you trim these hairs. When trimming the hair, be sure to use blunt-nosed scissors, cut the hairs parallel to the eyelid edges. Take good care not to hurt the cornea of your dog's eyes. 

Clean the eyes

Clean the eyes of your dog and avoid any kind of deposits or mucus. Get eye wipes and a sterile eye was to clean your dog. Clean the area around the eyes and wipe them to leave your dog's eyes clean. Ensure you do not touch the cornea while cleaning the edges as it might result in more eye problems. 

Handle chemicals correctly

Avoid getting shampoo or other cleaning chemicals into the eyes of your dog. Before cleaning the head of your dog, be sure to apply ophthalmic ointment to protect the eyes from cleaning chemicals. In case the cleaning agent finds its way into the eyes, ensure you clean using generous running water and immediately. 

Common Dog Eye Issues 

Dog eyes are affected by a number of issues, being aware of some of these shall keep your dog on the safe side.  

Dry eye 

When your dog’s eyes are dry, that is, they aren’t moist and healthy, then it’s suffering from dry eyes. Dry eye has a number of possible causes, the common being an issue with the immune system of your dog. During this time, the rear glands of your dog are unable to produce enough tears to keep the eye moist and healthy. 

Dry eyes in dogs can be treated if spotted early. If left untreated, it might worsen and become much painful to your pet. Dry eye in dogs has the following symptoms. 

  • Rubbing and discomfort around the eye area 
  • Unusually frequent blinking 
  • Reddening of the eye 
  • Discharge around the eye 

Dry eyes can affect any breed and type of dog. In case you identify the above symptoms, call your veterinarian and let them assess and give a prescription. Treatment for dry eye usually involves applying medicated eye drops to stimulate tear production.  

Eye infection  

Eye infection is when bacteria infect the back of your dog's eyelids. The red soft area becomes inflamed and infected. This problem in dogs is not infectious, however, it is good to take precautions. Separate your infected dog from other dogs and pets. 

  • Here are the signs that your dog has an eye infection 
  • Abnormal blinking 
  • Reddening of the eyes 
  • Swelling of eyelids 
  • Discharge from the eyes 
  • Rubbing of the eyes. 

In case you realize these symptoms, call a veterinarian in time. Eye infection is common in dogs with long hair in the face.  


Glaucoma is a condition where the eyes build up pressure from the inside ending up spoiling the eye structure. Glaucoma can be inherited or caused by other eye issues such as retinal detachment. Below are some of the symptoms of glaucoma. 

  • Being unresponsive to light changes. The eye pupils become abnormally large or small
  • Abnormal blinking 
  • Eye reddening 
  • Discharge from the eye that is sticky holding the eyelids together. 

In case you suspect glaucoma in your dog, it is important to have a veterinarian professionally check. Glaucoma can be treated by removing the pressure build-up in the eye. The treatment usually depends on whether glaucoma is from inheritance or an underlying infection.  


This is how to care for dogs eyes. First, you need to prepare yourself with knowledge on the signs and symptoms of dog eye infections. Know the activities and instances that cause eye diseases in your dog. Conduct regular checks on the eyes of your did to ascertain they are okay. In case you realize any abnormalities, it is advisable that you call in a professional veterinary.

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