Healthy Treats for Puppies

Healthy Treats for Puppies

Sometimes we need to motivate it to reward our pets in one way or the other. Apart from all other possible things that can be used to do this, food can be the greatest way but what kind of food? Maybe a little more delicious! Anyway, there are many treats for puppies and we need to know which ones among them might be the perfect choices or which ones are the healthiest treats for puppies. Now in the process of finding the healthiest treat for our puppies, we have to know some of the factors that can make one healthier than the other. Now let's take a closer look at some healthy treats for puppies. 

What Do We Consider for a Healthy Puppy Treat? 

There really is a lot to consider when thinking about puppy treats, especially to be keen on the healthy ones. Some of the factors lie within the puppy and others within what we want to treat them with. Here are some of the factors that we check on to make sure that the puppies have a healthy treat. 

The age of the puppy 

Age is very essential when talking about puppy treats. When we understand their age and what they can it cannot feed on at their age, we are bound to treat them with the most healthy choices. 

For example, if we are planning on treating our puppy with people's food and, we understand that the puppy is very young, then we would consider trying to feed them on something that would not interfere with their development at their age. We might consider some chicken or cheese but to a limited extent, maybe a mouthful a day. More than that might make the puppy fat and a little picky on his food. Such factors are important to consider. 

The nutritional value of the treat 

We have to take care of the health of our puppies while at the same time we might need to treat them to something we are not very sure of, especially people's food. We might involve the vet for some little advice on the most nutritious treats. Do some research about preference and the effect on your health. It is important since sometimes we might end up feeding our puppies with more than they can handle at their time. The nutritional value is better recommended or advised before we can be comfortable with it. 

Purpose of the treat 

There are a lot of reasons people treat their puppies. It might be for training purposes, for dental health, or for special occasions as well as for fun. The choice is highly defined when we fully understand what we are needing this treat for. If we need it for just a fun reward to the puppy to keep the bond, we might vary a little from when we needed it to train the tech to chew. 

This is why we need to know how to vary them and keep them healthy at the same time. For example, some lean and turkey meat would be nice for fun, in controlled amounts though, yet some rubber bones filled with some yogurt or some frozen ground food would be best for training teeth to chew. 

After knowing what we should consider as the best treatment for our puppies, we should now get to know about the nature of feeds we can use as healthy treats for puppies, depending on the factors above. 

Types of Healthy Treats for Puppies 

Soft and moist dog treats 

These are treats for both fun and nutrition. Some flesh will help to train the puppy on chewing. They should not be tough since puppies don't have teeth strong enough to deal with them. That is why they should be moist and soft. 

This can be chicken or turkey meat or some red meat but all of these should not have bones especially poultry bones which might splint. There are separate treats to help the puppy in chewing exercises. We must however be so careful with the amounts of flesh we treat our puppies with since they can be excessive sometimes and they can surpass the digestive ability of the young puppy. We can select this from people's food or we can buy them as well. 

Corn and soy free dog treats 

These are dog treats that include large bone treats. If we go for the commercial ones, we can check for flavored ones. They basically help boost the vitamin E, A, and K value of the puppies. Most of these contain calcium and fiber content to help strengthen the bones of the puppy and build up the dietary system of the young animals. 

Most of the commercial ones are wheat, corn, and soy-free. We can choose to buy them or create them at home for as long as we have the materials and the equipment. 

Special occasion puppy treats 

This is a mixture of so many recommended ingredients to make something delicious that the puppy can enjoy maybe on his birthday or some holiday. The simple concern here is how delicious that is going to be and whether they are going to enjoy the much we expect them to. Here, the most appropriate choice is going for the commercially processed ones since they are often well developed according to the health guidelines and we can trust the nutritive values included. They vary a lot and we should go for the ones with the best health and nutritive value. 

Final Word 

The above are just but some of the puppies treat that we consider healthy along with the factors that we already considered. However, there are so many others that are also that nutritive and healthy. The most important thing is the requirements and the health guidelines. 

If we consider them, we are in a position to find the best healthy treats for our puppies. The only thing we seem to insist on is that as much as we want to treat our puppies, we should consider the nutritive value as well. All those are part of what will help us find healthy treats for puppies since we do not have fixed ones, it's a matter of working with the nutritive blues and health considerations.

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