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The Council of Dogs


Sir Winston of Virginia

I, Sir Winston of Virginia, am a Siberian Husky raised in the wilds of Virginia, rumored to have the best-trained dogs for socialites. I was brought into the castle of the Duke and Duchess of Virginia as a puppy. They only provide me with only the best products of the finest quality. I am raised, fed, and nurtured with only the best of the best. Each day is filled with teachings on manners, behaving at ballrooms, picnics, and at the dining table. My woofs are impeccable and well trained to fit the socialite gatherings, which has earned me a high standing among them and their pets. I wine and dine with them at the table; my manners are always being complimented.

Every morning, I walk with my entourage, taking the garden route first which is decorated with flowers on both sides of the path. My fur is well-groomed, and I am clothed with the most delicate fabric Virginia has to offer. Most times, my counsel is sought by the Duchess on items brought to the castle. My nose is well trained to sniff out and reject the foulest and cheapest of items. I generally have a scowl on my face when I am introduced to a new product unless it pleases me immediately. The Duke and Duchess of Virginia always have to convince me to try out a new attire or collar or food. My scowl of disapproval shows that I am not convinced that the product is worthy of being worn or used. It takes a lot of sniffing and petting from the Duke and Duchess to make me try on a new product. When my familiar scowl is gone, everyone knows I like it. I am very picky indeed.


Roberta Frost

I am Roberta Frost, a Poodle, my human is a librarian in Boston. I am raised among books, painting, and sculpture. Mr. Frost is known to be a learned man with extensive knowledge on many issues. He always has me sit with him when he interacts with people on politics and social norms. In my paws, a book can always be seen, with my nose buried within the pages. During book clubs that are regularly hosted at the Mr. Frost library, I am also given a chance to contribute to a specific issue.

The library is always filled with people curious to know more about an issue or find answers within a book's pages. When Mr. Frost is busy with answering customers' orders, I help him by leading people to shelves where they can get the book they are looking for or get it for them. It is amusing to watch them gape at me anytime they ask for a particular book, and I either show them which shelves the book can be found on or get it for them. I am also in charge of teaching and monitoring other pets' activities like me when dropped off by their humans in the library.

Mr. Frost treasures me because of my keen eyes in spotting the book he needs urgently and my input on matters during an interaction with customers. I do not receive any items that do not have a detailed explanation of benefits. Mr. Frost has once been taken to the hospital for using the wrong medication. I make it a point to read the manual before using it. When I disapprove of a product, I bring a book out highlighting the harmful effect of the product. Mr. Frost reads it and brings out a book highlighting its benefits.


Sergeant Milton

I am Sergeant Milton of the PPC (Paw Patrol Corp). A German Sheppard with a streak to always follow the rules. I was raised in a police pound to always listen to our superior's instructions and stick to the rules of the pound. With fifteen successful apprehension missions around my neck, I am the paw patrol Corp's reining superior. My orders must be carried out effectively, or the dog found guilty of disobeying orders will be punished (with a timeout).

I work closely with Detective Broody, a rising star detective in the precinct who closely follows the rules. Together, we have apprehended criminals of various kinds and solved many cases that have earned us both fame in our stations. I was a pup when I was dropped at the precinct entrance and was found by Detective Broody. He took me home and trained me to be an outstanding patrol dog and his closest companion during missions. We have a close working relationship, and he knows he can count on me anytime to follow through with his order during a mission.

A mission where I did not follow the rules earned me a nasty injury on my neck that resulted in me staying out of missions for a while. The injury healed, but left a scar to remind me of the importance of following the rules. New products that are not enlisted as useable according to the rules are not allowed by the council. I always turn down my nose and use my paws to bury. Detective Broody is the only one who can convince me to try out any new product. And even this will take a while because it is not written in the rules. When my nose is not turned down, then I have accepted the item.



I am Jane, the Labrador. My human is Susan, a cheerful kid who likes to play a lot. Every day, she takes me out to run around the park playing a game of fetch. I was brought in as her eighth birthday present and cheer her up because she is having a rough time making friends in school. We talk to each other often and take long walks anytime either of us feels sad. Susan is my best friend and the only person who knows where I go to want anytime to play.

I am playful and like to go on adventures with my best friend. Together, we would run through the park, chasing butterflies and squirrels. We also play a game of hiding and seek. Susan doesn't know how to hide well because I always find her. When it is late, I lead us home, both of us laughing and singing songs.

I was a street dog once before I was caught in a mousetrap by Susan's father. He took me to the pet doctor, had my injury treated, and then brought me home to be Susan's friend. I still get into trouble with Susan's parents because I am playful. My paws do not like to sit in one place for too long; it begins to itch and I want to get moving again. Susan's parents buy toys to keep me busy anytime Susan is at school, but I bury the toys in the ground because I like to play with only Susan. Susan finds out where I buried the toys and digs them out; she leaves them where I can see them and goes to school. She has made a new friend in school and cannot play with me like she uses to. So I play with the toys instead (sigh).



I am a Doberman pinscher, and my blind owner calls me Max short for Maximus. I am walking down the street one sunny afternoon when I see a blind man robbed by some teenagers. I run over to them, shouting, and they flee out of fear of what I might do to them. I help the blind man to stand up by putting my head under his arm and raised him. He thanks me by patting me on the head. I return the gratitude. He picks up his stick and proceed to walk home, but almost hit a pole. I step on his leg, and he turns to look in my direction, using his stick to find out who stepped on him. I wave my tail against his hand, he grabs it, and I led him home. I stay with him from then on and starting protecting him and his house from sneaky teenagers. He named me Max.

It is fun protecting my blind owner. He allows me to go anywhere I want to and everywhere, but I am always beside him. His granddaughter makes the most delicious food, and together we help my owner into his bed at night. Then I sit with his granddaughter outside on the front porch, watching the stars while she sings.

I also help on the farm to chase away rodents and thieves. They are cautious of coming on the farmland because I will not hesitate to deal with any intruder. I am very wary of new packages in the house. I make sure to sniff it properly before allowing anyone to open the box. It takes a lot of struggling to get it from my paws before it can be used. I love protecting this small family and their farmland, and in return, they love having me around as a guide for my owner.



Sir Winston of Virginia, Roberta Frost, Sergeant Milton, Jane and Max the Doberman

We came together one day quite by accident. Sir Winston happened to be walking backwards to impress his humans; the Duke and Duchess of Virginia. Jane's human, Susan, also happened to be running through at the same time. Max's human was also sitting by while Max was watching Sir Winston's attempts at walking backwards. Max decided to show Sir Winston how it was done. There was a lot of tumbling over and bowing and apologies after the accident. Our humans decided to have us continue meeting on playdates and that's how the council was born.

Sergeant Milton joined the council later as the face of the law, while Roberta Frost has enriched the council with the appropriate knowledge required to judge each product.

We are known to have very different opinions about new things for dogs. We will regularly have our positions and judgements published by our humans. 

First minutes by Roberta Frost (Yes, I type too).

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