Eco-friendly pet supplies: what to get

Eco-friendly pet supplies: what to get

Eco-friendly pet supplies are something that everyone should look for.  There are many solutions that you can look at from the collars to the food and even litter and bedding options.  If you are looking for eco-friendly pet supplies, you are in luck, there are some options.

We all love our pets, after all, dogs are called our best friends.  Because of this, we tend to like to spoil them a bit, which is perfectly okay for them. Here at Snuggle Nook, we offer a variety of pet eco-friendly solutions to common products.

Eco Friendly Poop Bags

Be a responsible pet parent and take along poop bags on your walks.  While most people do this, some, for whatever reason think it is okay to leave the pet waste.  You should always have these handy just in case, no matter where you are going as pets can do the darndest things.  Well, we offer some eco-friendly poop bags that are unscented and made from recycled materials.  There are 15 bags per roll, so the roll is small enough to fit just about anywhere.  And, the patent-pending eco-friendly technology ensures that they are great for the environment as well.  

Dog Training Pads that are Eco-Friendly

While many people use training pads to help train their pups, they aren't always eco-friendly. In fact, many contain plastics that take 1000s of years to decompose in our landfills.  However, we offer an eco-friendly solution called Precision Pet ValuPaws Training Pads that come in a 100 pack.  These are the perfect house training tools.  They also come with instructions on how to get started with your new little one.  These will help protect your rug and floors during trying and difficult times.  They are disposable and easy to clean up.  

Four Paws Wee-Wee Patch

If you want to go one step closer to being eco-friendly and forgo your disposables.  Training pads are very common during house training.  This is a leak-proof solution that is also washable and will not smell up your home.  They come with an advanced technology solution that will keep them from ever smelling and can hold up to four times their weight.  You can combine this with the Premium Patch Pet Potty to have the ultimate experience where your pet can go inside and you don't have to worry.  This pet pad is perfect for any size dog as it is quite large at 22" x 23".  

Eco-Friendly Dog Shampoo

Eco-friendly Pet Head Dirty Talk Deodorizing Shampoo with a light orange fragrance.  This is a human-grade type shampoo that is ph-balanced and eco-friendly.  It will neutralize the odors at their source.  Another added bonus is that it is made right here in the USA.  Restore your pet's coat to a nice fluff with the Pet head shampoo.

There is also another version of this shampoo that is in a spray bottle.  While it still sports many of the amazing qualities of the other shampoo, having it a spray bottle could be helpful for those pets that aren't so keen on a bath.  This will allow you to freshen their coats between baths and comes in a wonderful blueberry scent that is safe for pets as well.

Have a pet with a white coat?  White coats can get really dingy with time, but we have an eco-friendly solution from Pet Head called White party brightening shampoo.  This shampoo is made to brighten white coats.  Is the same as the other products in this product line up but also sports argan oil to rehydrate the coat and nourish and strengthen it at the same time.

Interactive dog treat and toy Puzzle

When looking at eco-friendly pet supplies, you cannot look over the pet games. That's right, they make games that you can play with your pets. This allows them to work their brains a little and is so much fun for both you and your pet. This mental stimulation will help your pet break out of boredom.  There are 6 slots that you can hide a treat in.  The pet can work at the slides to find the right spot where the treat is hidden.  This IQ puzzle is great for mental stimulation and is also made from wood which is Eco-friendly.  

On Click dog Harnesses

While we offer several options on our website, these dog harnesses are perfect for those that would rather use a harness and not a collar.  They are super easy to put on with just one click.  Many times dog harnesses are a pain to get on, especially wiggle dogs that don't want them.  These eco-friendly pet supplies make your life better.  

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