Do Dogs Need Blankets?

Do Dogs Need Blankets?

When it’s cold outside, you may wonder whether your dog needs an extra layer. You can’t just ask your dog whether this cold is too cold for him. Do dogs need blankets? Well, depending on some factors such as your dog’s health, the region you live in and your home’s heating conditions, your dog most likely needs a blanket. Let’s dive a bit deeper.

Dog Breeds and Their Ability to Withstand Cold Weather

All dog breeds are not equally suited to cold weather. If you are living in a cold region, you may get a dog breed that can handle the weather. As a rule of thumb, dogs with thicker coats, especially larger dogs, are better suited to cooler temperatures. Examples include Siberian huskies and Alaskan malamutes.

Dogs with thin coats and smaller breeds such as whippets, greyhounds, and Chihuahuas need protection against cold weather. So, if your furry friend belongs to these species, make sure you have some blankets ready during the cold months.

According to the guidelines from the Pedigree Foundation, when going outside in the cold, puppies always need a coat. Long-haired dogs are vulnerable because they accumulate cold water and snow on their hair.

In spite of having a layer of fur, your dog feels cold during the winter and may need a blanket. Even dogs with thick coats need blankets if the weather is too cold. It has a lot to do with the region you are living in.

With a weaker immune system, older dogs are particularly sensitive to cold weather. For them, hard surfaces such as tile, hardwood, and linoleum are especially uncomfortable.  A blanket is necessary when your old dog is staying outside. However, if you are living in a region that is not severely cold during the winter, you will not have to think too much about it.

Keep Your Furry Friend Warm

You have probably noticed that before going to sleep, your dog likes to scratch and circle. For those who don’t know, this is a dog’s natural instinct. Dogs that live in the wild pile-up leaves, straw, and grass to create a “den”. They enjoy it.

So, it is understandable why your dog might like a blanket in cold weather. This blanket can, in a way, help your dog to connect to its wild ancestry. And this feeling can contribute to the overall well-being of your dog.

Even if your home is moderately cold, a blanket can make your dog feel secure and comfortable. Your dog will push the blanket aside if it feels too warm.

Do dogs need blankets when it is not too cold? Well, you can look for some clues. There are clues that can tell you that your dog is no longer tolerating the cold. Your dog may refuse to go outside, shiver, and stay curled. These are almost sure signs that your dog probably needs an extra layer.

There are some factors to consider when choosing a blanket for your dog. Look for something washable, soft, and sturdy. Do not choose a blanket with large knit holes, because the holes will get snagged with your dog’s claws. It is an extremely annoying experience for dogs.

To offer your furry friend warmth, you can set a place with some dog blankets, away from windows, doors, fans, and vents. It is even better if you can set it up in a carpeted area. Put some cheap blankets on the floor. And make sure that the area is easily accessible for your dog.

There is another thing to consider when providing warmth to your dog. Underweight dogs can not generate enough heat in the body, and as a result, become cold pretty fast. Your dog’s weight is a factor that determines whether the dog will need a blanket, but you also have to take other factors into consideration.

Blankets May Be Necessary for Dogs with Certain Medical Conditions

According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, dogs with certain medical conditions need warm blankets in cold weather. These medical conditions include heart disease, diabetes, hormonal imbalances, and kidney disease. These conditions make it harder for dogs to regulate their body temperatures.

Do dogs need blankets if they do not have any of these diseases? There is no straightforward answer. You have to pay attention to the way your dog behaves when it is too cold.

Even if your dog looks okay, you can consider visiting a veterinarian. A veterinarian can conduct some tests and tell you whether your furry friend may need a blanket when the temperatures drop.

Cold Homes, Cold Dogs

Many dog owners mistakenly think that a blanket is not needed when the dog is indoors. But the fact is, it depends on the heating conditions in your home. Do dogs need blankets if the home is consistently warm? The answer is, it depends. If you need an extra layer, your dog will probably need one too.

And if your house is typically cold, make sure you get a blanket for your dog. Is there a surefire way to know whether your dog will actually need a blanket? Well, the best way to know that is to have a blanket available for your dog. Pet blankets are not expensive. So, you can buy several for your furry friend. Use them when they are needed.

Dog Blankets Offer a Lot of Benefits

According to a study, dogs rest better in the comfort of a blanket. A dog blanket is soothing and relaxing and makes your dog feel relaxed and comfortable. Soon your dog will recognize the blanket as a source of comfort.

Final Thoughts: Do Dogs Need Blankets?

Most dogs need blankets in winter. Depending on some factors, a blanket can be a must for your dog. This is not just a matter of comfort. In some cases, it is a question of safety. We have discussed the factors that need to be considered when determining whether your dog needs an extra layer and we hope now you are better informed.

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