Collars, coats, and harnesses

Collars, coats, and harnesses

Collars, coats, and harnesses oh my.  There are many fashion pet collar options out there and luxury designer dog collars so what do you choose?  While many pet owners choose one collar as their main collar, some like to dress their pets in luxury designer dog collar options, which we offer as well.  You need to decide what is best for your dog, is it a collar or a harness?  Collars are good for dogs that are living life at home in the house, however, they might make their escape from time to time. These allow you to keep tags on your dog so that if they do escape, you have identification on them.  Oftentimes this identification is pretty affordable so you can make up several for your various dog collars.  

Luxury dog collars are cute as well.  These are collars that are a little more high-end than some.  Of course, you can get fashion pet collars in just about every option these days.  Many of the luxury dog collars take after patterns that you see in your high-end luxury stores such as our houndstooth color.  This color has a beautiful houndstooth design with a nice complimentary red slider to allow for a better fit.  While the color is adorable on its own, it actually comes with a bow, flower, and bandana that can be added to it.

Luxury dog collar options

Our luxury dog collars are some of the cutest pet collars that we offer. They are quite popular and many come with complementary accessories.  These pet collars are perfect for those that have the perfect pets that walk pretty and don't pull or try to slip out.

However, if you have a dog that isn't so perfect, you might want to consider a pet harness.  A pet harness goes around the collar area as well as around under the arms of the pet. This gives you a little bit of control of the pet when they are learning.  It is harder for them to slip out and you won't be choking your pet by mistake.  Harnesses are very popular in recent years as they are so versatile.  But, do not go cheap, you need to ensure you get a good harness or your pet could end up chafing and uncomfortable other issues.  

Ensure you have the correct size.

While harnesses are very popular over luxury dog collars, they are a bit tricky to measure.  Many people have often mistaken the size of their dog.  They think all small dogs take the small harnesses and large dogs take large harnesses but that isn't actually the case.   You will have to measure your dog around, just behind the front arms and just in front of their arms.  This will give you the inches that you will need to look at when ordering. If you have a dog in between sizes, always order up.  Think of it as you are purchasing a pair of pants, you can always put a belt on or figure out a way to make something a bit smaller but not bigger.

You want to ensure that you are measuring at the widest part of the chest.  This is important for small yet stocky dog breeds just as a ShihTzu, for example.   This will allow you to choose the correct size for your pet.  

Check out our pet collar selection

Whether you are looking for a luxury dog collar, fashion pet collar, or harness Snuggle Nook has them all. We offer some of the finest quality pet products found online.  We simply love pets and love working in the industry.  That's why we looked for amazing products that we would be proud of offering to our customers.  

If you don't find the perfect luxury dog collar, fashion pet collar, or harness amount or selection or are looking for something a little more custom, let us know.  We always love feedback and we might actually know where you could find what you are looking for. Our vendors are always coming up with different products to offer to us and sometimes we simply don't have something posted just yet.  

A luxury dog collar, fashion pet collar, or harness should always be fitted to your dog to work properly. You do not want a collar that is too small or it could injure the dog, but you also don't want it too big or it could slip off.  A slipped collar can be very dangerous, especially if it is known to bolt.  As they could bolt into oncoming traffic.  If you are not sure of how to measure or are confused by our descriptions, let us know.  We are always happy to help.


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