Catnip vs Cat Grass

Catnip vs Cat Grass

Catnip and cat grass belong to different families but they in one way or the other have a great effect on the nutritive value of a cat. There are so many misunderstandings that often ride whenever the discussion of catnip vs cat grass is brought up and that is exactly, we are going to look into today. Before we think of discussing catnip vs cat grass, we first have to understand what we mean by each of these terms. 

Cat grass is basically a simple combination of grasses that can sometimes be grown indoors. These may include barley, wheat oat, and ryes. Catnip on the other side is some kind of plant related to the mint family and is also enjoyable to the cat. 

Catnip vs Cat Grass - What Should We Know?

Cat grass is mainly grass that can be grown indoors or may grow outdoors by itself. This is actually the one that most people know and associate with cats more than the catnip. Some say that catnip makes cats act bizarrely. However, the catnip offers great benefits to the cat and we need to look it at from a different perspective. The cat might munch on some grass outdoors and we surely cannot easily know which type of grass the cat was interested in. This makes growing the grass indoor a healthier and safer option for the cat. Apparently, the two are the most enjoyed by the cats and identifying them and having them within their reach on safer and healthier grounds. 

Cat grass 

We have said that having cat grass growing indoors is the best and healthiest option we can think about. However, we might have a little problem in finding the right variety of cat grass all by ourselves. The most recommended way of acquiring them is by visiting a local pet store or an online pet store. 

Here we might get a complete cat grass kit that we need to be watering and just providing access to sunlight with no other complex routines. Once we have the cat grass within the cat's reach, it is now possible to let them safely feed on them under our control. The grass features long green blades and they are usually ready to feed as from when they reach 3-4 inches long. They usually graze on them when they need them. 

What are the benefits of cat grass? 

Cat grass has several benefits nutritionally and health-wise. Here are some of the heart benefits of letting cats feed on cat grass. 

  • Cat grass helps in providing fiber which is a great regulator of fecal motility 
  • It is one way of preventing constipation. 
  • It can help the cat vomit in case it eats something that has digestion issues. 
  • Cat grass has some laxative effect that makes digestion easier 
  • It is of good nutritive ability since it provides the cat with vitamin value. 


Catnip is a type of herb belonging to the mint family and it has up to 250 different varieties that grow around the world. There might be one or two around where we live, just that we do not know they exist. Now catnip has aromatic oils and has some Unique scent. Cats tend to behave in some way when they are exposed to a catnip herb. 

The oils have the effect and that is responsible for the behavioral changes we see the moment we get them exposed to the cat. The plant has leaves with a color ranging from dim grey to dark green and often produces whitish flowers when it is mature. It can be used by the cat dry or fresh. It can also be found from a local pet store sometimes prepared or the plant itself if they are needed while growing. 

Having the plant itself in the house is of more benefit since they can access them anytime they want them. 

What are the benefits of catnip? 

Unlike cat grass, the benefits of cat grass are more stimulative than nutritive. There is a certain way in which cats tend to behave when exposed to catnip and here are the benefits of inducing such behaviors. Catnip has the following benefits; 

  • It induces the cat to be active and playful, which is good for improving the hunting activity of the cat. 
  • It acts as a positive reinforcement when there is some activity that is quite stressful going on. 
  • It has an ecstatic feeling to any cat exposed to it. 
  • It boosts the general activeness of the cat since cats exposed to this are never docile. 

Catnip vs Cat Grass, Which One Should We Go for? 

This can be a healthy discussion when we have prior information like we just gathered. What we need to know is that both catnip bad cat grass has their benefits which are separate from great value to the same cat.  We can talk about the two working from very different angles. As we have seen, catnip is more of a stimulant than a nutritive supplement. 

On the other hand, when we mention cat grass, there are some nutritive aspects we are bound to associate it with. We know that the kitty would need both the nutritive and stimulative aspects and we ought to cater for both. We acne say that both have their benefits and we can have them both if we have to maximize the value attached. 

Final Word 

Catnip vs cat grass is just a matter of getting more information in both two and we cannot select one to say it is the best. We also tend to see that there is no common ground for classifying the better one over the other. 

We can say, both are as important and we might end up considering having them both. One is more of a stimulant and induced general activity while the other is more nutritive and aids digestion, so we need them both at some point. Having them both at the cat's disposal will be way better than thinking of them separately.

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