Cat Wall Shelves Ideas

Cat Wall Shelves Ideas

As a cat lover, you know that your furry friend is a full-fledged family member who needs personal space. And if you are a DIY enthusiast, you may enjoy building decorative cat wall shelves. Besides serving as a personal space for your cat, these shelves can be a valuable addition to your interior decoration. In this post, we are going to provide some cat wall shelves ideas.

Important Things to Know about Cat Shelving

Our living situations affect our feline companions in myriad ways. Your cat has its developmental needs, and you can keep those needs in mind when designing and decorating your home. Installing cat shelves is a great way to make your home comfortable for your cat.

There are a few things to remember when installing cat shelves. Whether you make or buy them, make sure they are spacious and sturdy enough. And you have to attach the shelves firmly to the wall.

Install the shelves in a place that is easily accessible so that you can clean them regularly. Use materials that are easy to clean. Avoid shelves that are made of canvas material because they are a bit hard to keep clean.

By being a bit creative, you can make some visually appealing cat shelves. They do not have to be just flat shelves. Rather they can include scratching materials, cubby holes, and compartments.

Benefits of Cat Shelves

Cats are usually seen as creatures of comfort. But they still have strong survival and hunting instincts that make them jump and run. Cats love high places partly because these places mimic trees. So, building some shelves is one of the best things you can do for your feline companion.

If you are trying to come up with some cat wall shelves ideas, keep the main purpose in mind. You are doing it to make your feline companion feel good. Cat shelves help your cat from getting bored. These shelves provide your cat with a lot of stimulation.  And if your cat is always cheerful, it will be in good physical health.

Cats instinctively look for secured private spaces. This is why they love these shelves, on which they can snooze and sleep.

Selecting Brackets, Boards, and Fabric

By building cat shelves, you can recycle or reuse leftover boards. It is not hard to find leftover boards, because they are all around us. When choosing the board, take factors such as your cat’s weight and length into consideration.

Make sure the perches are not too small. If it is uncomfortable to lie on the shelf, your cat may feel uneasy and vulnerable. It is more likely to happen if there are several cats in your house.

By nature, cats are agile. However, if the wall shelves are too small, chances are that your cat will fall on the floor. The shelves must have plenty of room so that your cats can easily navigate the space.

How do you know which brackets and materials are the best for building cat wall shelves? Simply visit a home improvement store. They will help you choose the right materials. You may even get your preferred sizes and shapes already cut into pieces.

For safety purposes, you can use rounded corners for boards. Boards with safety foam protectors are also available.

Make sure the boards are at least 1 foot long so that your cats can comfortably rest on the boards. If you want, choose longer boards. They can be even as long as the room itself. It depends on how you would like the cat shelves to look.

But here is a thing to consider: if you choose longer boards, you will need to use more support brackets. As a rule of thumb, a support bracket should be placed after every 16 inches.

Cat Wall Shelves Ideas: Best Options

If you make the cat shelves by yourself, you have the freedom of being creative. Here are a few ideas that will fire your imagination:

Cat Steps

Also referred to as floating shelves, cat steps are visually appealing, and your cat will like them. Make sure you set up these cat steps high enough, but not too high.

The top shelf must be longer than the ones below. Your cat should be able to stretch out and walk on the top shelf. You can cover the steps with carpet, paint them or stain them.

Cat Walkways

If space is an issue, you can make a walkway along a wall. The walkway can be covered or open. The goal is to let your furry friend move high up.

The process of making cat walkways is pretty straightforward. There are plenty of video tutorials on YouTube.

Mounted Boxes

When people try to find cat wall shelves ideas, they do not usually think of mounted boxes. However, these boxes can be amazing. Mount boxes can be set up along a wall. They will allow your cats to move easily on different shelves. The boxes are just like usual boxes. Only the right or left side panel is missing.

Your cats will move in and out very easily. They can nap in the boxes. If you wish, you can consider putting a cat bed in one of the boxes. However, the bed must be firmly secured inside the box.

Circular Cat Perches

If you already have some circular shapes, you can repurpose them. These shapes can be easily turned into cozy places for your cat.

How can you make these circular cat perches? Well, you can simply cut some trees in half and make semi-circles. Then you can add some sturdy bedding materials to them. After that, just set them up on the wall. Feel free to use casks and sturdy baskets on the shelves.

Final Thoughts: Cat Wall Shelves Ideas

When it comes to designing and building cat wall shelves, you have plenty of room for using your creativity. The possibilities are limitless. Make wall shelves the way you want, just make sure that they are comfortable for your cat. Just drive into action and try to come up with a novel idea!

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